Chumpon pinnacle – Probably the most productive fishing area for large game fish. This pinnacle is about 4 miles north west of Koh Tao. Bottom depth is 45 meters.

Southwest pinnacle – Fairly large area of pinnacles and reef roughly 5 miles SW of Koh Tao. Excellent king mackerel spot, also occasional billfish. Max depth is 36 meters.

Unicorn shipwreck – Situated about 3 miles north of Koh Tao. 60 meter long wreck lying in 45 meter water. Mackerel, marlin and trevally are regularly caught here.

Shark island – Strong currents and good structure make this a good spot for mackerel.

Taatoh pinnacle – is very close to Shark island. Popular spot for bottom fishing species like trevally and snapper.

Sai Nuan Nok sandbank – Great place to catch sailfish, marlin, mackerel and cobia. Water is only 21 meters deep but usually has good strong current. Less than 1 mile from the harbor so a short running time.

Sai Nuan Nai pinnacle and reef – Located just inshore from Sai Nuan sandbank this is a small pinnacle rising nearly to the surface and surrounded by some deeper areas of reef. Depths here are between 18 and 30 meters. This area holds all kinds of fish but we rarely fish it due to a lot of passing boat traffic. Interesting area to slow troll a livebait early morning and evening when passing boat traffic is minimal.

Na Baan pinnacle – Series of reefs and boulders about a mile due west of Maehaad town. Water depth is about 35 meters. Very good spot for sailfish and marlin. Also a sheltered place to catch big fish when the NE monsoon is blowing.


Nangyuan island – North west of Koh Tao this small island has some productive reefs on the west side called Green rock, Kampeng rock, and Surat rock.. All fish can be caught here. Water depth is 30+ meters. Above pic is marlin fishing at Nangyuan island.

Kong Mai – 3 smallish rocks about 2 miles due west of Nangyuan island. Yellowtail trevally and Moses perch caught on the bottom. Mackerel and billfish up top. This is a small site so normally will only fish here on route to/from Chumpon pinnacle.

Lighthouse pinnacle – is a small pinnacle on the NE of Koh Tao. Good place for big mackerel and totally sheltered from the South West monsoon. Max depth 35 meters.

TaJaam wreck – Wooden cargo boat used to transport diesel and cargo. Sank In bad weather about 7 miles west of Koh Tao in approx 38 meters of water. We will be spending lots of time there in 2010, it will be a quiet spot far away from the divers.

Samran pinnacle and sailrock – These are the furthest destinations for one day charters. Great mackerel fishing but heavy competition from fishing boats from nearby Koh Phangan.