Dec, 2016

12/10/2016 end of year update

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Big changes happening. Little Miss Behavin is now retired from service. We are using a much bigger boat and can take more than the old max of 2 persons. Girlfriends, wives and non fishing partners now more than welcome to join, there is plenty of room on the boat. For details pls see the trip details on the menu bar at top right of the page. Fishing has been excellent and there are many sailfish still around and more than a few marlin although way more sailfish than marlin this […]



Apr, 2016

April 2016

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April 2016 update. As usual I have updating the facebook catch blog regularly. Visitors to that page can see the fish we are catching at at what times of the year. https://www.facebook.com/Fishing-Koh-Tao-465317090210037/?fref=ts 2016 has started off poorly. The NE monsoon that traditionally hits us in Oct until late Dec never came last year. I am told that this is not a good omen and it seems to be so. Mackerel numbers are down significantly and tuna almost not present at all. Mahi still biting as normal when trolling offshore. Sailfish […]



Sep, 2015

September 2015

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September and the change in season is yet again upon us. As the month progresses we will see the annual arrival of both sailfish and small black marlin, their arrival at the same time as the huge schools of anchovy. My strategy for catching the billfish is not particularly exciting – generally using a livebait and letting the livebait do the work. While this works very well, and allowed us an average of 1 billfish/fishing day last season, if you need to be actively playing with a rod all day […]



Jul, 2015

Late July 2015 update

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Apologies for no update in 6 months. I have been keeping a regular daily catch update on Facebook which is much easier to do. You can see it here  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fishing-Koh-Tao/465317090210037?fref=ts All fish on the blog have been caught by customers on my boat, during the standard charters. There are no fish from other countries or other boats being passed off as my own. Boat will come out of the water for annual maintenance on the 26th July and should be back in operation again by the 20th August.  This will […]



Apr, 2014

Welcome Fishing Koh Tao New Website

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Welcome Fishing Koh Tao New Website Welcome Fishing Koh Tao New Website Welcome Fishing Koh Tao New Website Welcome Fishing Koh Tao New Website Welcome Fishing Koh Tao New Website