Sep, 2011

Autumn 2011 update

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As expected sailfish are showing in the bay, more than a few marlin also present. Yesterday we were very quickly spooled fishing at sandbank by a medium sized marlin. Lots of small marlin at Chumpon pinnacle unfortunately taking livebaits meant for the late season mackerel. SW pinnacle also fishing very well although its being long-lined almost every day by a taxi boat. Very clever!

Homemade outrigger working very well and will be doing more trolling inshore this year, primarily targetting sailfish. So average monsoon fishing day would be an hour or 2 trolling lures, anchoring and deploying livebaits at NaBaan pinnacle , and same at sandbanks. If the weather seems settled enough I’m happy to run out to some Fads although its hard to see the advantage in doing so. Mahi and mackerel will become scarce until February.

Henry from Finland landed this very nice sailfish early morning trolling close-by Nangyuan island. One of 2 hits from sails we had that day, unfortunately the lure was quite damaged from the first fish and 2nd strike was a miss.

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