Aug, 2011

Big marlin for Mike

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Great fishing continues. Mackerel still on the bite almost every day. I have been fishing at Chumpon pinnacle as its relatively close and we can still catch a few most mornings without too much trouble. Boats running further to Samran pinnacle are usually suitably rewarded. Mahi swarms still around and feeding most days.

There are a good few billfish showing up as expected as we move into Autumn months. Mainly offshore, and I didnt see any at the ususal inshore marks but will start to put more time into NaBaan pinnacle and sandbanks. Its difficult to decide on the best tackle for general game fishing here, and I invariably use 30lb test mono which is perfect for mackerel of any size although a big undergunned for most billfish, but due to their small average size 20-30kg still possible to catch most fish. Problem comes when dealing with fish bigger than the norm, most of which are lost. Most, but not all….mikemarlinkohtao

On the 12th of August, Angelmeister Mike from Germany landed an absolute cracker of a marlin. Sad to say the picture doesnt do true justice to this beast of a fish. Landed after a 3 hour fight using a Penn Jigmaster, 30lb mono line and 2 size 13 hooks !! Weight estimated at just over 60kg although it could have been a fair bit over that. Either way, fantastic job landing that fish and I will admit to being more than a bit surprised when it was finally boatside. The odds of landing it were very slim.

After the rough weighing of the fish, it was clearly heavier than the previous record holder (sorry Bill H.!) I will try to post some more pics that show the size more clearly. Its fair to say this was the biggest fish I ever saw landed on this boat, and the biggest legitimate fish I have ever seen landed on rod and line in Koh Tao. Legitimate because the sadly departed bull sharks of chumpon pinnacle weighed more but there was no skill involved in catching them (most likely the reason why they are so seldom seen these days).

I am almost fully booked this August but can try and squeeze in another day if needed. Lots of days free for September. Pls email me with any booking enquiry.

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