Sep, 2015

September 2015

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September and the change in season is yet again upon us. As the month progresses we will see the annual arrival of both sailfish and small black marlin, their arrival at the same time as the huge schools of anchovy. My strategy for catching the billfish is not particularly exciting – generally using a livebait and letting the livebait do the work. While this works very well, and allowed us an average of 1 billfish/fishing day last season, if you need to be actively playing with a rod all day […]



Nov, 2014

November and some action.

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Nice calm start to the monsoon season. Main targets are marlin and sailfish until January. They have been biting everywhere, sailfish mainly inshore and marlin further out. Live bait working much better than trolling, but that can change at any time. Here is a photo of an Indian thread fish(alectis indicus), not an everyday catch. We get a lot of the similar African pompano(alectis ciliaris). This little guy was jigged up from Unicorn shipwreck this morning. I have been trying to keep an update going on our Facebook page. Fishing […]



May, 2014

May 2014 update

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Welcome to our new website, hope it’s all up and running and email working fine. Well it’s summer time here, weather has been mostly calm, sunny and very hot. Main targets have been mackerel and mahi. Mackerel have been biting quite well on deep trolled wire line outfits, not the most sporting method but always nice to hear a ringing clicker. Slow trolled livebaits around the pinnacles has delivered some nice fish, but not many days with a wide open bite. It has been very unpredictable, one day we can […]



Apr, 2014

Welcome Fishing Koh Tao New Website

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Welcome Fishing Koh Tao New Website Welcome Fishing Koh Tao New Website Welcome Fishing Koh Tao New Website Welcome Fishing Koh Tao New Website Welcome Fishing Koh Tao New Website



Dec, 2013

December 2013 fishing report

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Lots of marlin and sailfish in the bay and at the pinnacles but it has proven difficult to get them to bite. Trolling has been very poor, the only bites have come from live baits fished with the anchor down. This can and should change at any time, we usually do very well trolling surface lures. To pass the time waiting for billfish to bite we have been sending livebaits to the bottom with mixed results. Some snappers, groupers, cobia, queenfish and occasionally some trevally. Yesterday Magnus from Denmark did […]



Oct, 2013

Email me directly for bookings and more info

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Sailfish and marlin biting inshore and offshore. Sailfish season has been a bit dissapointing so far but should improve as the NE monsoon strengthens. Mackerel still biting at Chumpon pinnacle but is winding down now. email me direct on info@fishingkohtao.com and alt email fishingkohtao@gmail.com


Added to Tripadvisor

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We are now listed on tripadvisor. Pls feel free to post any photos of trips made together, and any reviews would be welcome. On tripadvisor we are called “game fishing koh tao” because the real name fishingkohtao.com was not allowed. Edited to add that I note Tripadvisor is putting reviews for other fishing companies on my listing. I only do private charters. Leaving at dawn and trip lasts 8 hours. No shared tours, no taxi pickups. no 9 o’clock starts. no 1,650B prices. Never have done, never will do. The […]