Apr, 2013

Customer testimonial

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Email/pics recieved this week from satisfied customer R.L. in the UK.

Had 2 fantastic days out with Marc off Koh Tao, one in early January when we caught Travelly and a King Mackerel and again late March when we caught Dolphin fish. On both days other boats in area failed to catch.

Having been fishing off Koh Toa before on other boats and had to endure other non anglers on boat, inferior and poorly maintained tackle that failed when big fish hooked it was pleasing to find Marc’s tackle of quality and well maintained and clutches set correctly. We had different rods set for different conditions and if a change was required to tackle in use it was done promptly. The depth finder proved what a few meters off a mark and bites cease. To be honest if we had failed to catch it would not have been Marc’s fault and at least I would have felt we gave it our best effort and enjoyed my day fishing which is more than I can say from trips in the past. Can not wait to return!

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