Jul, 2013

Fishing update

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Many apologies again for no updates in such a long time.

So, fishing has been very good. There was no NE monsoon this year so water is still very clear. Mackerel still biting offshore and a few sailfish and small marlin too. Billfish have been a bit dissapoining this season. Smaller size than usual and less of them. I can’t ever remember catching mackerel in early december before so thats a bonus. Lots of small tuna around now so trolling has been fun. Most days fishing 7-10 miles offshore. Today, fishing with Atte from Finland we came across a big school of queenfish. Landed 19 and lost a fair few too.

Pls email me with any q’s or to arrange booking.


One thought on “Fishing update

  1. Atte

    Hi Marc,
    this was amazing fishing trip, even though we didin’t land a sailfish. Thanks for the trip and lessons for the counterstrike 🙂

    Best regards, Atte


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