Jul, 2011

July update

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Sorry for not having updated any reports for a couple months.

Fishing has been quite excellent even though the weather has been almost constantly windy since last update. Mackerel are here in record numbers, this year is certainly the best mackerel fishing I can remember over the last 10 years. I have been fishing at Chumpon pinnacle at every opportunity and the mackerels have been running around the 7kg average, so slightly bigger than normal. In order not to be greedy, and also for fun I like to limit the catch to 3 or 4 fish. There have been quite a few days where this was achieved in only an hour or so.

Dissapointing to see longliners targetting the pinnacles this year. It is starting with just a few boats (including 1 or 2 that really should know better, as they do daily fishing charters when they are not longlining!). Hopefully this will be stopped although I can’t see how. It would only take a few boats doing this daily and there will be no more game-fishing.If for no other reason that it will be impossible to physically get a line out with dozens of bouys and markers covering the area. Fingers crossed this problem slowly goes away.

On a brighter note, one of this months champions was Hanoi from Cuba. Probably the best Cuban fisherman I ever have seen, and after an epic battle with lots of running around the bow he landed this 9kg fish. Nice job! and thanks for sending the pic.

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