May, 2014

May 2014 update

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Welcome to our new website, hope it’s all up and running and email working fine.

Well it’s summer time here, weather has been mostly calm, sunny and very hot. Main targets have been mackerel and mahi. Mackerel have been biting quite well on deep trolled wire line outfits, not the most sporting method but always nice to hear a ringing clicker. Slow trolled livebaits around the pinnacles has delivered some nice fish, but not many days with a wide open bite. It has been very unpredictable, one day we can have a dozen hits and the next day with identical conditions and nothing biting at all.
It is good to get out on the water as early as possible. Around 5.45am is perfect and allows us the chance to have 10 minutes trying to bring up some fresh livebaits before heading out to the fishing grounds.
Here is a nice Mackerel caught by Naoko from Japan at Chumpon pinnacle last week. Estimated at around 12 kg.

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