Nov, 2011

November update

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The NE monsoon hasn’t arrived yet. Most days calm and sunny, although water visibility is quite poor. I have reluctantly given up chasing mackerel out at the pinnacles and am putting the time towards sailfish. Most catches are inshore, either trolling surface lures, or livebaiting at anchor. There are lots of sails in the bay now, and the netters are still busy catching crabs, its the new fashion and long may it continue. If we have a season where the sailfish go unmolested it may put Koh Tao on the worldwide sailfishing map along with Rompin, SE Florida and central America. Here we have good numbers of sails and black marlin in a concentrated area but usually they get netted at night. So far so good this season.

Martyn caught this mid-sized sailfish this morning on a blue/white imitation squid trolled along the Maehaad dropoff. I think we had been fishing almost 2 minutes when she hit the bait on the outrigger. Nice!

I am available every day until Christmas and some days after, pls email me with any booking enquiries.

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