Oct, 2014

October 2014 Update

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2014 has zipped by. Not one of the most memorable years for fishing, we go into the season’s change with anticipation. Huge schools of tuna have been chasing baitfish up to the surface a mile or so west of Nangyuan together with hundreds of wheeling and diving seabirds. Great to see, and with the tuna’s arrival we can look forward to the bill fish.

Marlin have been hitting live baits and lures at Chumpon pinnacle this week, but still didn’t hook up any sailfish inshore. Mackerel are biting at the pinnacles but still very hit and miss. On a day targeting them to catch 3 is a result, often catching none. Having one taxi-boat long lining at Chumpon pinnacle every day is certainly not helping. Amazing that none of the commercial rod and line boats say nothing to this guy who is effectively stopping them from earning a living.

This winter will fish the pinnacles or offshore wrecks any day the weather is calm enough, in windy conditions will fish marks on the west side of Koh Tao where the water is sheltered. This inshore fishing is usually done with anchor down and live bait drifted out. It is possible to fish on the bottom to pass time. Pls email me for any further details and booking info(after you have read the Trip Details section which should answer most of your Q’s).

Here is a nice mackerel caught this week trolling live bait at Chumporn pinnacle by regular customer Goongheng from Sweden.


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