Sep, 2015

September 2015

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September and the change in season is yet again upon us. As the month progresses we will see the annual arrival of both sailfish and small black marlin, their arrival at the same time as the huge schools of anchovy. My strategy for catching the billfish is not particularly exciting – generally using a livebait and letting the livebait do the work. While this works very well, and allowed us an average of 1 billfish/fishing day last season, if you need to be actively playing with a rod all day this is not the sort of fishing to be doing. Autumn is also good for bottom fishing for trevally, queenfish, snapper and others. This is classic hands on fishing and perfect if your idea of fishing is to be holding a rod all day.
Here is a pic of general bottom fishing species, from a mornings fishing last week. If conditions allow we can fish for both billfish and bottom fish in the same location.

sept fishing 2015
The following 2 links contain all the info you need to decide whether this trip is suitable for you or not. First is the full trip details, second is a catch blog. Between them you can see the boat, the equipment, the fish and the times/price. After reading the info pls contact me to arrange a booking, or if you have any further questions.



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