TRIP DETAILS 2018 –     Email Address:  


*Private trips only. Max persons 4 unless by special arrangement.

*total price for the boat/day 10,500 B (NOT PER PERSON). Pay when we are on the boat in the morning.

*departure time in winter 6.10 am, in summer 5.45 am (we will confirm this by email on final confirmation)

*trips duration 8 hours. (Extra time to be billed at 1,500B/hour)

*we have a 13m wooden fishing boat with huge livebait well. 2 levels with an upper deck, bathroom below, and a     cabin with a bed. Powered by a Gardner marine diesel engine made in Manchester, UK. All electronics on board –   fishfinders/GPS etc.

**meeting point is in front of 7/11 minimart at the piers. You can rent a scooter to arrive there, or your resort can  arrange a taxi.

  * contact email is  my phone is on silent, I will not answer phone calls. I’m sure if you     are out fishing you want me to concentrate on the job at hand, not spend all day telling people about fishing on the   phone!

     Often asked questions –

  1. Do you keep a record of your catches.

A.Yes, I keep a catch blog on Facebook seeing as it is easy to update. I highly recommend you view the photos here   – it gives a complete overview of the available species. Also very useful to scroll back and see what we caught in   different times of the year.


    Q.Is this trip suitable for me?

  1. If your goal is to have the highest possible chance to encounter pelagic predatory fish then yes, absolutely. If your idea of a good days fishing is to sit in a white upholstered chair sipping cocktails on a speed-boat and combining some fishing with water-skiing or wakeboarding then no, we are totally unsuitable. We are a straight up rod and line fishing operation deriving income mainly from fish sales, but supplemented by taking tourists out to man the rods.

An important point to make is that the waters around Koh Tao – in fact the whole of the Gulf of Thailand, has been   and continues to be very heavily overfished. Trawlers operate with little restriction 9 months of the year, and   longliners have free reign wherever and whenever. The effect this has is that catching fish takes more care. We catch   almost exclusively by using fresh livebait which we keep all the time in our 500 plus litre live tank on board.


     Q.Your trip is too expensive, is there any alternatives for less money.

A.Yes. There are several companies which pool their customers together and operate “shared” trips departing daily   at about 9.30am. I believe the price per person is 1,650B and includes free taxi pickup and drop off. These trips are   primarily geared towards bottom fishing in that every customer wants to hold a rod all day, so that is the way they   do it. I can recommend these trips as being excellent value for money. Your hotel can book this 1,650B shared   bottom fishing trip for you. The day trips are much more productive than night trips(unless you want to catch squid   in which case night fishing is more suitable). Per average kilo of fish caught/per price paid, we are top value.

     Q.Can we keep fish for dinner.

A.Yes sure. We recommend Kathin restaurant opposite Songserm pier for cooking your catch. It’s not a luxury restaurant but she does a great job cooking(bbq/steamed/fried) the catch for a very reasonable price. Otherwise you can take the fish back to your resort/villa/restaurant of your choice. King mackerel remain on the boat.

     Q.How do we pay?

A.Bring 10,500B cash with you – you must pay us cash in Thai baht after we arrived on the boat in the morning, we cannot accept visa/credit cards.   In special cases we can accept Bitcoin or other cryptos, but transfer must be made on the day before fishing to allow   time for funds to clear – transfers made at market rate at the time of transfer.

     Q.Is this trip suitable to bring my wife/partner along to join?

A.Yes sure. We have a toilet on board, and an upper deck for reclining/sunbathing/viewing/camera work. We also have a very comfortable bed inside the cabin in the shade – this gets used a lot! Bear in mind we will normally be fishing far from land, there is no swimming possible, nor sightseeing – although we often encounter whales/whale sharks/sea snakes.

     Q.Does the trip include food/drinks

A.we have fresh water/coffee/softdrinks, you can help yourself. You can buy snacks at 7/11 before we leave. We   have  big ice chests on board.


Any other Q’s please email me