May, 2018

Update May 2018

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It must be almost 20 years now doing these daily fishing trips, and still a pleasure being out there on the open ocean. Our big boat which we started using in December 2016 has been working very nicely, we weathered many a storm out there with more damage than a few teacups going overboard. Nice to have a strong and seaworthy boat when the weather suddenly turns against you, and the ancient Gardner marine diesel chugging happily away day after day without missing a beat.

Fishing this year started very well, we had a decent billfish season, with an average of one per day. I made every effort to limit our catch this winter to just one per trip of sailfish or small black marlin, and concentrating on other available species for the rest of the trip. The last few months have been a bit quiet, much less billfish around than normal, although there have been some excellent periods of fishing such as this week when the narrow barred mackerel have been in full-on kamikaze mode around the inshore marks and have been happily taking Rapala lures on the troll.

Our catch blog is still running on facebook, seeing as it is so easy to update and seen by many visitors. Sending a message to that page is also very convenient and I can reply quickly. Otherwise fishingkohtao@gmail.com is reliable and I get a notification when an email arrives (unlike the contact us form here).

Pls visit the catch blog here – you can scroll back through the years to see what we caught at different times of the year.


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